Commercial Painting Contractor GA

Information on New Leaf Painting including best paint brands, contractor qualifications and painting techniques."

Commercial Painting Contractor

New Leaf Painting is a reliable commercial painting contractor serving the southeastern United States. New Leaf Painting offers pressure washing, surface prep and application of high performance finishes including epoxy based paints, polyurethanes, urethanes, marine coatings, textured coatings, and other specialty coatings. All commercial projects are completed with the utmost attention to job site safety, OSHA requirements and the application of finishes in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our commercial painting expertise generally falls in the following categories:

Offices, Restaurants & Retail Space Painting
We are an Alpharetta painting contractor that routinely provides painting services for business offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other facilities including walls, high ceilings, ducts and specialty finishes for cabinets, counters, and shelving.

New Homes, Condos & Remodeling Projects
As an Alpharetta painting contractor we paint newly constructed homes, apartments, condominiums, multi-family dwellings, hotels, motels and more. We paint interior walls, exterior walls, ceilings, handrails, fences, gates, doors and other surfaces.

Churches, Hospitals & Institutional Painting
As a commercial painting contractor we are accustomed to painting facilities where access to the property may be limited or have non-standard hours to do our work. We can schedule our work to be done with minimal disruption to your facilities accessibility or normal routine.

New Leaf Painting is a licensed and fully insured commercial painting contractor that can provide a very competitive bid on your specifications for most any commercial or industrial painting project. Please contact us to request a Free Proposal for your needs.


Our Promise To You

  • Free Detailed Estimates
  • No Down Payment (Residential)
  • Best Quality At A Fair Price
  • We are an EPA Approved Contractor
  • Active Communication Throughout Project
  • Quality Materials As Specified In Proposal
  • Quality Craftsmen Trained By Our Staff

Our Eight Step Process

  • Inspect Site, Identify Problems
  • Consult With Owner On Solutions To Problems (Colors, Brands, Budget, etc.)
  • Specify Solutions and Scope-of-Work
  • Clean and Prep for Paint (washing, repairs, sanding, priming, caulking, glazing, etc.)
  • Inspect job to confirm all surfaces are properly prepared
  • Application Of Finish Coat Or Coats
  • Clean Job Site, Remove Debris
  • Final Inspection With Owner